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Outdoor Writer John Neporadny has written a book filled with 101 bass fishing tips from the top pros.

101 Bass Fishing Tips Twenty-First Century Bassing Tactics and Techniques from All the Top Pros. John Neporadny has spent over twenty years covering elite bass tournaments, and his access to all the top professionals gave him a unique opportunity to absorb their best tricks of the trade, collected in the book 101 Bass Fishing Tips: Twenty-First Tactics and Techniques from All the Top Pros (Skyhorse Publishing, August 2013).

In 101 Bass Fishing Tips, the best competitors of the Bassmaster and FLW circuits share their secrets on how to catch largemouth bass throughout the year on various bodies of water. No detail is too small, including the information on selecting the right tackle and lures so you can fish just like the pros. Bass fishing's elite anglers also discuss how to find fish on structure such as drop-offs, ledges, points and flats, and describe their tricks for coaxing bass out of weeds, bushes, stumps, and other types of cover.

Beginners and advanced anglers alike will discover a load of valuable information they can apply on their favorite waters to catch America's most popular game fish. Full of information and great stories, 101 Bass Fishing Tips is the best guide available to help fisherman land more bass and is a revealing look at the exciting world of professional fishing.

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